Is this the ultimate fishmongers’ van?

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Is this the ultimate fishmongers’ van?

November 3, 2015 / 0 Comments / 3090 /
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Finally he needed an area where he could store his stock which was basically the fish that wouldnt fit on the shelves; saving him the hassle of having to go back to his unit when he had sold what was on his shelves.




The solution was to split the van into 3 sections, the rear section would be the display and serving section, this section would be well illuminated with 3 LED lights, below the lights would be rows of angled shelves for displaying the fish, below the shelves we also built an area where the fish could be prepared and weighed; giving a space for the scales to fit securely, all this would be fibre glassed and then finished in a smooth white gel coat, making it completely waterproof and hygenic.

The space between the two side load doors was then split into two equal sections, one side had storage shelves and a handy wash which is nescessary for anyone serving fresh fish or meat, the other side was for storage of stock, beacuse the fish would be carried in ice we built a lip around the side door aperture to protect the van from any water spilling out as well as fitting two drain holes.

Because our fridge van conversions are built by hand and are not a pre-fabricated kit system we can design and build solutions for most people whether it is some simple shelving that is required, a complete meat rail system or a bespoke build for carrying and selling fish from; we can do it for you.

please feel free to call us on 0800 883 8282 or complete an enquiry form here.






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