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Historically, CoolVan has only ever converted vans for sale as complete refrigerated vans. But we’ve decided to offer out our conversions to everyone. That’s why we have launched our Celsius range of ‘wet lay’ conversions

Our conversions are so good and so competitively priced that we thought it daft to keep them to ourselves. We can convert any and all vans in to chillers, freezers or dual temperature vans. Because we sell complete refrigerated vans we know what customers and end users want:

  • Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Well-Engineered
  • Efficient
  • Cost Effective

Whilst our conversions are relatively light we do believe in ensuring that the conversion is fit for purpose and will last for many many years. Some people may say that we ‘over engineer’ our products but we prefer to build something that lasts! We will advise customers on the correct choice of van in the first place – some vans offer 50% more payload than others in the same weight ranges. Sometimes it could be said that the raft of ultra lightweight conversions just won’t be up to the job.

Our process is very simple but is the result of many years experience

  • Strip the base vehicle and fill cavities with foam and insulation
  • Insulate doors and cover with white GRP (maintaining access to any lights or other bolts!)
  • Fit strengthening to the roof for the fridge unit (You would be staggered how many people don’t!)
  • In house manufacture of vacuum pressed panels of foam and marine plywood
  • Cut panels to size
  • Install bulkhead, roof, sides and floor (in that order)
  • Seal all joints
  • Laminate all the panels in the vehicle using durable laminate matting
  • Paint the interior with Gelcoat
  • Fit LED light
  • Fit the appropriate fridge unit

We will collect and deliver the van back to you if required. The conversion will be backed up with our 36 months warranty as usual.

Please contact us on 0845 33 11 484 for more information on our conversions

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