Let CoolVan protect you from the ULEZ charges

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Let CoolVan protect you from the ULEZ charges

September 12, 2023 / 0 Comments / 531 /
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From August 29th the Ultra Low Emmision Zone or (ULEZ) has now expanded to now cover all London boroughs

This now means that if your Fridge Van doesn’t meet the ULEZ emission standards you could face a daily charge of £12.50, this also includes residents of the ULEZ as well as people entering the zone.

This expansion of ULEZ boundaries to include most of Greater London, combined with stricter emission standards, means that older vehicles are now facing the risk of hefty daily charges. This expansion has a significant impact on businesses that run temperature controlled vehicles within or through the ULEZ zone. Here’s why investing in a new refrigerated van could make sense:

1. Compliance with ULEZ Regulations
A new refrigerated van will meet current ULEZ emission standards, ensuring your business operates without incurring daily charges. Compliance is crucial to avoiding financial penalties and maintaining a positive reputation with your clients and partners.
2. Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability
Our new fridge vans come equipped with the latest technology and improved fuel efficiency. They are designed to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs, ensuring that your deliveries remain on schedule and your products arrive in optimal condition.
3. Environmental Responsibility
The focus on reducing emissions and improving air quality in London aligns with corporate social responsibility. By investing in newer, cleaner refrigerated vans, your business can showcase its commitment to environmental sustainability, which can be a selling point for clients who prioritize eco-friendly suppliers. You could even go that one step further and take a look at purchasing on of our Electric Fridge Vans which have started to become more and more popular especially around inner cities where electric vehicles really do come into their own.
4. Competitive Edge
Businesses that adapt to changing regulations and invest in modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly equipment often gain a competitive edge in the market. New refrigerated vans can set your business apart from competitors who may struggle to meet ULEZ standards with their older fleets.
5. Reduced Operating Costs
While the upfront cost of new refrigerated vans may seem substantial, it’s essential to consider the long-term benefits. These vans typically have lower operating costs due to their improved fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements, leading to cost savings over time.
6. Meeting Client Demands
As consumer preferences shift toward sustainable and eco-friendly practices, many clients are actively seeking suppliers who can meet these criteria. Upgrading your fleet with new refrigerated vans can position your business to meet these evolving demands and attract clients who prioritize responsible transportation.

The changes to London’s ULEZ regulations offer a unique opportunity for businesses in the transportation and logistics sector to enhance their operations. Investing in new refrigerated vans not only ensures compliance with ULEZ standards but also offers efficiency, reliability, environmental responsibility, and a competitive edge.

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