Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone

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Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone

February 13, 2020 / 0 Comments / 2718 /
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Photo of a vehicle polluting the atmosphere

Great Manchester has announced it has plans to introduce a Clean Air Zone, this is to try and reduce the amount of pollution in the air such as harmful nitrogen Dioxide and particulates.

This will mean that drivers or owners of the most polluting non compliant vehicles would have to pay a daily charge to drive on the local roads in Greater Manchester.

If your refrigerated van is under 3.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight with a Euro 5 or earlier diesel engine then you are likely to be subject to the proposed daily charge that is to travel in the Clean Air Zone from 2023.

Euro 5 or earlier diesel engines are typically ones registered before September 2016. If you are unsure as to whether or not your vehicle is likely to be charged you can use this Vehicle Checker Link.

Charging for non compliant Light Goods Vehicles such as fridge vans that have a Euro 5 or earlier diesel engines is expected to be £7.50 per day.

Here is the Proposed Zone:


Greater Manchester are in the process of asking the government for a Clean Freight Fund, if this is granted then there is the potential of a scrappage scheme being announced, similar to the one available for people who enter or whose business is in the ULEZ in London. Here at CoolVan we will be keeping a close eye on this so we have all the information required when you call to enquire about replacing your old fridge van.

We are the leading seller of brand new refrigerated vans in the UK, these new refrigerated vans all come with the latest Euro 6.0 and 6.2 diesel engines, we are also at the forefront of the growing electric fridge van market, with a dedicated research and development department testing the best insulation, batteries and fridge systems to give you the best electric fridge van that we can.

If you would like any information regards upgrading to a new Refrigerated Vehicle or Electric Refrigerated Vehicle please contact us on 08008838282 or complete an enquiry form hereinside a ulez and clean air zone compliant fridge van

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