Do I really need to run a fridge van?

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Do I really need to run a fridge van?

June 15, 2017 / 0 Comments / 5410 /
A selection of refrigerated vehicles made in the UK by CoolVan
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A selection of refrigerated vehicles made in the UK by CoolVan

The majority of our clients operate in the food service industry, delivering fresh, chilled or frozen products to the catering and retail sectors. Most of them now accept that they could not meet their customers’ expectations without running a fleet of fridge vans.

The latest Food Safety legislation dictates that all food suppliers need to maintain both raw and cooked foodstuffs at less than 8 degrees centigrade, while frozen foods need to be kept at -18 degrees centigrade. These temperatures apply at both ends of the delivery journey: when loading up and on delivery to the customer.

Failing to comply with these regulations could land business owners in court with the prospect of a hefty fine. So trying to get by without a fridge van could cost you dear. And that’s before the reputational damage and potential loss of business are factored in.

So whether you’re a family butcher or a fishmonger, an outside caterer or farm shop, the chances are you’ll need to make use of chilled transport solutions at some point in your supply chain. And the good news is: it needn’t cost an arm and a leg!

A used van may be more cost-effective in the short term, or you could consider leasing a fridge van to minimise the upfront costs. We can also advise on volumes and payloads, so you’ll have a clearer idea of what size of van you’ll need.

One of the largest providers of new fridge vans within the UK, we’ve been building fridge vans for more than 25 years. We aim to offer our refrigerated vehicles at the most competitive prices and we’re always happy to discuss customers’ individual needs to make sure they get the right vehicle for the job.

So if you’re still not sure whether your need a fridge van or what sort of van you’re looking for, feel free to give us a ring for a no obligation chat: call 0845 3311484 or email:

New or Used?

While we carry a good selection of second hand fridge vans at all times, there are many advantages to buying a brand new fridge van as opposed to a used one.

A new fridge van comes with additional benefits such as the full vehicle manufacturer’s warranty on both the vehicle and the refrigeration unit. Further additions such as a three-year integrity warranty on the conversion will also be included and if you purchase your new fridge van through CoolVan then you can take advantage of our exclusive three-year warranty on the fridge system too!

Every new fridge van is supplied with a minimum of 12 months breakdown cover and in some cases this may even be extended to 36 months, providing a useful safety net in the event of a breakdown.

And as well as getting the peace of mind and operational back-up that comes with a manufacturer-backed warranty, leasing a brand new fridge van can actually work out cheaper than buying a used van on finance.

Another advantage of buying a new fridge van is that you will be getting the advantage of the latest technology. This may give you better fuel economy and lower emissions which result in lower road tax.

Rest assured, whether you are buying a new fridge van or used fridge van from Coolvan you can tap into our advanced industry knowledge to get the right van with the right specification at the right price.

For a friendly, no obligation chat about your refrigerated vehicle needs, please contact us on 0845 331 1484 or email:


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