Why Buy a New Refrigerated Vehicle?

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Why Buy a New Refrigerated Vehicle?

July 28, 2011 / 0 Comments / 1974 /
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One of the largest providers of new fridge vans within the UK, we offer our refrigerated vehicles at the most competative prices. In regard to choosing a refrigerated vehicle there a lot of advantages to buying and effectively owning a brand new fridge van as opposed to a used one.

The most obvious reason comes down to driver useage. A brand new fridge van will not have had anybody else driving it except from our drivers when they deliver it to you free of charge. What is more is that the van will be lovely and clean and the refrigerated section hasn’t had other products in it therefore avoiding contamination. Within the can also the fridge system will be brand new!

A new fridge van comes with additional benefits such as the full vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Further additions such as a 3 year integrity warranty on the conversion will also be excluded and if you purchase your new fridge van through CoolVan then you can take advantage of our exclusive 3 year warranty on the fridge system too!

The new fridge can will be supplied with a minimum of 12 months breakdown cover and in some cases this may even be extended to 36 months so you have the safety net there should you unfortunately break down!

One of the main problems or comments that people make is that they cannot afford to shell out for a brand new refrigerated van. Instead will go down the route of buying a used fridge van that is a year or two old and then take it out on finance.

What they don’t often realise is that a brand new fridge van can actually have better finance rates negotiated and better terms making a new fridge van the same cost monthly if not significantly less than the used alternative.

The other advantage of buying a new fridge van is that you will be getting the advantage of all the latest technology. This may give you better fuel economy and lower emissions which result in lower road tax.

Even more convenience is added to new fridge vans in the way of latest technologies, built in Tom Tom Satellite Navigation systems and Bluetooth Handsfree are usually included within the new fridge van.

Rest assured, whether you are buying a new fridge van or used fridge van from Coolvan you are getting the right van with the right specification at the right price because of our advanced industry knowledge.

For more information then please contact us on 0845 3311484 or email info@coolvan.co.uk.



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