Special Builds, Not A Problem

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Special Builds, Not A Problem

April 29, 2013 / 0 Comments / 1054 /
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The customer wanted to be able to serve fish and shellfish from the back of the van, he needed 2 layers of shelving, an area to prepare the fish with drain holes so it could be cleaned easily, somewhere to put his scales, somewhere to put his money and a couple of drawers to hold his knives and various other tools he required for the job. This section also had to be refrigerated.



The front section of the van was to be ply lined to hold his non refrigerated products and his cleaning products.

The van we decided would be best for the job whilst still looking superb was the Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive, we can build this specification on most of the fridge vans we supply.


Because the job came out looking so good in the end we thought we would offer it as a standalone specification. It doesn’t necessary have to be for serving fish from, the layout would be equally as useful to a mobile butcher.

If you require a quote for us to supply a van to this specification or any other specification you require please call us on 0845 3311 484 or complete an enquiry form here.




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