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Cool-Track now Available

May 4, 2011 / 0 Comments / 900 /
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Having your van fitted with a Fleet Track system could be the solution that saves your business money, keeps people safe, lets you know about accidents and how they happened as well as keeping a check on fuel costs as well as reducing the chances of fuel fraud.

These systems which can even help to reduce your carbon footprint are effective, simple to use and extremely reliable. What’s more you can pick the options you want including in your system and exclude the options you don’t want so that the system is completely built with you in mind.

Monitoring your fleets mileage means that you can run your business efficiently and get the most out of your vans, with the rise in price of petrol this will not only save you money it will help to increase profits.

You can pick from some of the following fantastic features, a report which constantly tracks the vehicles whereabouts. You can gain access to this information by going online; entering your own personal login details and password and then you can set the frequency of reports. Another feature that you can add is that a non-invasive install can be applied so that the system will only draw electricity when a live ignition is present. This install can be applied by Coolvan.

You can monitor mileage on your vans, so a report can be sent to you if one of your fleet is over or under mileage according to parameters that you can preset. If one of your fleet goes missing or is stolen then the system has inbuilt theft recovery and there is an option with this to upgrade to 24 hour monitoring if this is something suited to yourself.

Should an accident occur you will have a live report, a claim form can be sent automatically to the drivers mobile phone and this can help to control any future insurance costs through reducing third party liability. What is more if your driver is in danger they can send panic texts through the system so that you can get to them quickly should you need too.

Excessive driving, driver tiredness is what leads to accidents occurring, you can set a report so that the system will notify you when a drive has been driving for longer than what you would like them too without taking a adequate break. Furthermore the driver behaviour is monitored and driver scoring adopted in order to help you reduce fuel cost, carbon emissions and accident costs.

Fuel fraud is perhaps one of the most common occurrences, but with this system you can monitor the fuel filler cap opening allowing fuel fill up reconciliation reducing the fuel fraud and saving you money.
Coolvan can suit the Fleet track system specifically to your needs, for more information then contact us on 0845 3311484 or email


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