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Dual Temperature Fridge Vans for Sale UK

September 12, 2017 / 1 Comments / 2738 /
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We are often asked the question. Can you build me a fridge van that will operate at both deep freeze and chill temperatures at the same time.

The answer is a big yes.

for a -18° Celsius deep freeze and 3° Chill dual temperature fridge van we would insulate the vehicle to a minimum thickness of 75mm throughout. A Hubbard or GAH Freezer unit will be fitted, we will then fit a fixed bulkhead or supply and fit a removable/moveable bulkhead depending on the customers preference. Both bulkheads will have a fan system fitted to them that draws the frozen air from the front freezer section into the rear chilled section, the fan system is run off a thermostat, so the temperature in the chill section can be regulated.

For more information on dual temperature fridge vans or to speak to us about any of the new refrigerated vans we have for sale, please contact us on 0845 33 11 484 or complete an online enquiry form here.

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