Compact Custom Makes A Great Home Delivery Van

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Compact Custom Makes A Great Home Delivery Van

January 19, 2017 / 0 Comments / 1992 /
Home Delivery Van By CoolVan
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Here is our solution. At a fraction of its cost!!


Home Delivery Van By CoolVan

Using the very popular Ford Transit Custom Fridge Van as the chassis we came up with the perfect solution. The hardest part of the job was finding enough space but because all our fridge van conversion are handbuilt it means we are not as restricted with how we use the space in our fridgevans as some of our competitors. 

The front section is the freeze section with the rear section running at chill. The 2 compartments were seperated by the means of a fixed bulkhead with a fan kit system transferring the air from the frozen front into the rear. 

The racking then had to be built with incredible accuracy to allow all the crates to not only fit in the van but to move freely in and out every time, saving time and quite a bit of frustration for the driver. we even put a grabhook in to help reach the back crates.

The conclusion is we have built a home delivery van that has reduced the customers fuel, reduced their carbon footprint and is more manouverable and less likely to get in peoples way and get damaged. More important of all it is now far easier for the driver to access the crates than the traditional box style home delivery vans

If you require a similar kind of set up in your fridge van or you just need a basic refrigerated van then we would be happy to help, either give us a call on 0880 883 8282

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