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Did you know that it is not just food and perishable products that need transporting in a temperature controlled vehicle or fridge van. Some pharmaceuticals and drugs also need to be kept at a particular temperature. No problem you might think. All you need to do is buy a fridge van and then you're good to go. This isn't actually the case; unlike foods like meat or dairy products that need transporting at a temperature of around 2° to 3° Celsius, pharmaceuticals actually need to be kept at a temperature closer to 8° or sometimes higher - around 18°. Great you might think, I don't need my fridge van to work that well and I can still carry them in my refrigerated van; not quite, some of the drugs being transported are not only extremely expensive, they can also be live saving.


So what specification should a refrigerated van be if  I am to carry Pharamceuticals? And what if some of the drugs I carry need to be transported at 8° Celsius and some at + 18° Celsius. 


This is our solution:Dual Temperature Fridge Van Collage

We used 75mm insulation throughout. This is the standard insulation we would use in a freezer van capable of operating at -18° Celsius and above. The reason for this is because during winter it is quite often 0° outside or even lower. Just as you need to insulate the van from the warmth outside you also need the equivelent insulation when it is cold outside. To create two compartments we used a 75mm thick removable moveable, bulkhead, This gives you the flexibilty to have different size sections as well as the ability to use the complete length of the fridge van as and when it is required. The fridge system is the excellent GAH Flexi-temp, not only can this fridge system heat, cool and freeze it can do it in both compartments simultaneously so if needed you can operate at temperatures as diverse as + 18° Celsius in one section and -18° in the other. The particular van used in the photographs is the Nissan NV400 but it would work just as well in a Mercedes Sprinter Fridge van.

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