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Heavy Weight Champ

Weight is one of the biggest challenges our customers have when running their refrigerated vans. Most of the products transported in a fridge van are quite heavy and quite dense: fish, meat, bottled milk and cheese are all heavy products that can be tightly packed into boxes or on pallets or cages. Because of this our first question to our customers is not how much are you carrying on your refrigerated van but how much weight are you carrying on your refrigerated van.


Quite often the answer is a minimum of 1 tonne. Enter the Peugeot Boxer L1 H1 333 2.0 HDi 110.

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Fridge van fleets have less than a year to upgrade to Euro 6 and avoid £3,000 annual ULEZ charges

CoolVan is urging food suppliers to 'future-proof' their fridge van fleets ahead of a further emissions clampdown on diesel vehicles operating in the Capital.

Following the intriduction of the new 'Toxicity Charge' (T-Charge) and proposals to extend the Ultra Low Emissions Zone to clean up air pollution in London, bespoke insulated van converter CoolVan is urging food service companies to check that their fridge vans are Euro 6 compliant – or face big bills when operating in the Capital.

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Refrigerated Van With Meat Hanging Rails

Our customers use CoolVan’s fridge vans for transporting all kinds of products. There are the obvious things like fish, meat, dairy, ice cream, cakes and sandwiches, then the less obvious like medicines and drugs and even products you wouldn’t even think needed to be kept in a refrigerated van like carbon fibre which is used in the aerospace industry.

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Do I really need to run a fridge van?

We're often asked by customers who are new to the chilled transport business whether they really need a fridge van for their deliveries. In our experience, if the goods being transported are in any way perishable or temperature sensitive (e.g. pharmaceuticals), the answer is definitely YES!

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You wont lose your cool with this pharmaceutical van

Did you know that it is not just food and perishable products that need transporting in a temperature controlled vehicle or fridge van. Some pharmaceuticals and drugs also need to be kept at a particular temperature. No problem you might think. All you need to do is buy a fridge van and then you're good to go. This isn't actually the case; unlike foods like meat or dairy products that need transporting at a temperature of around 2° to 3° Celsius, pharmaceuticals actually need to be kept at a temperature closer to 8° or sometimes higher - around 18°. Great you might think, I don't need my fridge van to work that well and I can still carry them in my refrigerated van; not quite, some of the drugs being transported are not only extremely expensive, they can also be live saving.

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Compact Custom Makes A Great Home Delivery Van

Normally when you think of a home delivery van you think of a big box on the back of a chassis cab. Its usually parked in a cul-de-sac or street getting in everyones way.

We were asked by an established retail chain, to build a compact, economical and manouverable van that could be designed around their requirements to carry a certain number of crates of both frozen and chilled produce at the same time.

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